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Let me introduce myself, my name is Martin Joseph Millidge, I am 67 years old and I live at the Colina Club Calpe which is a small residential estate for over 50 year olds. I work part time at the Colina Club Calpe but I also maintain a few gardens in Javea, Benidorm and Albir, this I have been doing for the last 13 years.

As I get older I am NOT looking for more gardening jobs, as I am sure you are aware this can be very hard work. So what can I do ? I have noticed over the last few years that there seems to be a growing need for people to have their pets and indeed their houses looked after whilst they are away on their annual holiday or when they go away on short trips.

With this in mind I offered my services to a couple of my gardening clients, this being Ideal for me, I am single so I can sleep anywhere that suits me, which means that someone is sleeping in and looking after your property reducing the risk of break-ins which are becoming more common in Spain. Also because of my flexible work commitments I can easily take care of people's pets. So I started doing house sitting for one client in Benidorm who was going away for 2 or 3 day trips, I had a house, 1 dog, 7 cats, fish and birds to look after, this worked well. He told another client and I started house sitting for this other couple 3 years ago, last year 2018 I looked after their house and pets for 36 days in total, this year 2019 up until end of march it has been 19 days. This looks like the way forward for me so I will be looking for more clients in the future. I don't smoke, haven't for the last 21 years, I don't drink, gave it up over 17 years ago, this I mention for obvious reasons, you wouldn't want wild parties in your home, me neither.

You can always contact me, Martin on 678 181 740 Please keep my name and number you never know when I may be useful. Or message me at bottom of page. Between Javea and Benidorm only, or basically within 3 quarters an hour drive from where I live in Calpe.   

I have only done 3 house and pet-sitting jobs so far, but I only have 2 references, 1 in letter below and 1 Dutch client that can be contacted by phone. 679 198 764 Hans Meyer.

At this point you are probably wondering what this service will cost. Just to re-cap, I would stay at your house every night looking after your house and your pets, although this can never guarantee your house will not be burgled 100% it is very unlikely while someone is staying there. So essentially I will be living in your home for the amount of time that you will be away, coming and going, in and out, diferent times of the day and night, anybody that may be keeping an eye on your property with the intent of robbing it will be put off. Also if anything suspicious is happening the police will be informed. Your pets will be cared for in their own home so they are in familiar surroundings which will obviously reduce their stress levels which occur when mummy and daddy are away. Their diet that they are used to will stay the same. Familiar, familiar, familiar. As for cost, it is difficult to give a general price as every persons situation is different. Being the client you will have an idea of what you think this service is worth and what you want to pay. What I have done so far is to say to the client, you tell me the price, I will visit your home, take a look at the situation, look at the pets and the house and discuss what needs to be done on a daily basis. I will then either accept your offer or refuse it. I will need to know the full facts before accepting your price. You would need to make out a daily worksheet, i.e what time the pets need to be fed etc etc. Finally if you want me to secure the dates of when you are away you will need to pay a non-refundable deposit of 25%.-- The full amount to be paid before you leave. I would also need the contact details of a trusted neighbour or relative living near by and the details of the vet that you use .


The rock in Calpe.

View from my house.


Outside my house in Calpe.

Colina Club, Calpe.

My home for 6 years.

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